Cast Adrift 2015 CCE Studio Exhibition

CCE Studio Exhibition 2015

Creating a Business Web Site


The digital publishing course has seen participants creating a diverse range of web sites to feature their art work or promote their business. This Kinesiology site is just one example of work that is being done during the course.

Building Exciting Web Sites


You Go and I Come is one of the sites being created as a part of a Digital Publishing Course at Continuing Education. Participants are using Word Press to create web sites to feature their art work and for their businesses. Take the time to see this delightful site about pet minding.

Art Pathways 2015


The year is drawing to a close and the work of art pathways students will be featured on this site. Some students are currently working on building their profiles and digital folios which will also be available on the blog featuring Art Pathways 2015.

VCAL Prepare and Serve

Everyone in the building benefited when Castlemaine Secondary College students were here in the Castlemaine Continuing Ed kitchen learning to prepare and serve.

Travel With the Donkey

If you are curious about what any of this has to do with creativity, the origin of good ideas and inspiration you really should consider joining the next Travels With A Donkey course next semester.

Digital Publishing

Nunan Gallery

Presenting the work of Brian Nunan. Web site by Pat Nunan!

Cheryl Kennedy

Presenting the work of Cheryl Kennedy.

After just three weeks participants in the Digital Publishing Course have been making great progress with their blogs. The Twenty Fifteen template has proved popular, meeting the demands of artists wanting to place most emphasis on their work. Just click the screen shots to view their work.